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Apparently you run faster with your tongue out!
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For children in Kindergarten to year 1

Mini Sports is a similar program to Kinder Sport but with a heavier focus on sport. We focus on each sport for two weeks and at the end of the second class we play a modified game. It’s a fun based program and we intend to help everyone feel comfortable with the skills. Mini Sports is currently available at Willoughby only.

Trial classes: Arranged on request.

Mid term enrollments: Pay $20 per remaining class. Request price on registration.

Outlined below are skills that will be developed during your child’s time in our program. We do this by using fun, appropriate activities and games.

Non-loco motor skills

  • stretching/bending/twisting
  • swinging body parts
  • balancing

Manipulative skills

  • rolling and stopping objects
  • throwing at targets, between partners
  • catching- varying sizes and shapes
  • bouncing- one hand, two hands
  • striking and hitting, moving and stationary objects
  • kicking, moving and stationary objects


  • spatial awareness
  • directions, boundaries
  • interaction with others
  • team play
  • skills in action
  • leadership roles and skills

Loco motor

  • walking/running
  • jumping /landing
  • hopping/skipping


Willoughby only – Thursday afternoon
Club Willoughby, 26 Crabbes Ave, Willoughby. Parking on site.


  • $189 For term 2
  • 45min classes
  • Classes continue rain, hail or shine

Class Times

3:45pm to 4:30pm


Term 1 – Starts February 2014
10 Classes
Term 2 – Starts April 2014
9 Classes
Term 3 – Starts July 2014
10 Classes
Term 4 – Starts October 2014
10 Classes

Our son and daughter aged 5 and 7 take part in Little Legends Mini Sports and love it to the point that our son does it twice a week! Having tried several other activities where they got bored easily, the children really enjoy mini-sports in comparison as they are kept active, learn new skills and have loads of fun. They love the chance of a great run around, regardless of the weather, after a long day at school. Little Legends mixes up the activities every couple of weeks which keeps them challenged. Every week the opportunity to win the medal and be player of the week is highly prized!!

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