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REGISTER – Week 1 Hassell Park, St Ives

REGISTER – Week 2 Chatswood High School oval, Oliver Rd

As far as rugby clinics go, Little Legends’ are second to none.

Our clinics have dedicated and experienced staff including Gordon 1st grade players. We focus on teaching and improving the fundamental skills of rugby, which encourages safety on the field as well as ensuring that they have fun while learning something new at every clinic.

We understand that every child will develop at their own pace and cater for them by providing drills and activities to improve skills like passing, tackling, agility, breakdown technique and team play. We also play lots of fun mini games and team building activities to improve their knowledge of the game.

These skills and drills get progressively harder throughout the week to challenge all abilities to improve. Little Legends goal is to ensure that your child has fun and enjoys developing their rugby skills.

48 hours notice must be given for cancellations to receive a refund.
Program continues rain, hail or shine.


  • For ages 5 to 13
  • $85 per day
  • 9am to 3pm
  • 8am to 5pm extended hours available

What to bring…

Suitable clothes for rugby training, mouth guard, morning tea, lunch, hat, a drink bottle and a change of clothes including running shoes. Boots can be worn at the clinic.



Hassell Park, St Ives
Chatswood High School oval, Oliver Rd
Mini’s U5 to U9 Juniors U10 to U13 Mini’s U5 to U9
Juniors U10 to U13
 Monday 9th Monday 9th
 Monday 16th Monday 16th
 Tuesday 10th Tuesday 10th  Tuesday 17th Tuesday 17th
Wednesday 11th Wednesday 11th Wednesday 18th Wednesday 18th

We were impressed with the age appropriate tips and instructions you used at the Rugby camp, some of which his club team coaches included with their team. Anthony is looking forward to next years rugby camps and going to watch some of his rugby camp coaches in action on the field.

Sally Lane Cove

My 3 kids (ages 10, 8 and 5) all insist on going to the Multi Sports camps whenever they are available. Little Legends does a great job of integrating different age groups and genders, and ensures that all the kids have fun, no matter what their abilities or sporting experience.


Karen Greenwich

I just wanted to let you know that William has rated your training sessions as the best of all camp/training he has attended. Included in these other camps..Wallabies Camps and Matt Burke Camps. So Congratulations and thank you.