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Parties for ages 4 to 12

Little Legends sports parties incorporate age specific sports, games and activities to ensure girls and boys of all ages and athletic ability enjoy exercising in a fun and controlled environment. We understand that you want your child to have as much fun as possible on their special day so we will keep them all running around until its time to cut the cake. Our goal at Little Legends is to ensure that every birthday party is memorable for the children and provides a service that allows parents to share in the fun with their child on the special day.

Wet weather: If it’s light we don’t mind continuing otherwise you can organise an indoor venue.
Cancellation: 7 days notice must be given for cancellations otherwise half the cost of the party will be charged.
Change of date: Will incur a $100 fee.

Additional information

  • Limit of 20 children. $10 per additional child.
  • Price includes Little Legends invitations and present!
  • Returning to Little Legends? Ask about the discount.


Celebrating ages 4 to 6.

- $300, 2x30min periods.

Classic games & activities with a modern twist! Relay races, parachute, music games, hoop games, tug of war and many more.

Celebrating ages 7 to 12.

- $350, 2x45min periods.

Modified sports games, team games and our favorite classic games & activities. Soccer, netball/basketball, athletics, touch/tag rugby, cricket, capture the flag, hurricane, bulrush games just to name a few..

Disco Party.

We also offer a disco party where we play our favorite music games that are loved by both girls and boys rather than teaching choreographed routines. You can use your own play list or one of Little Legends compilations as we dance, sing and laugh.

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