For ages 3 to 12

Our SportsClub program is an add-on program for early childcare centres, pre-schools and primary schools.

Our team of qualified children’s coaches deliver structured sports activities and games which always leave the kids asking for more. Some of the activities we play throughout the program for childcare includes: obstacle courses, parachute games, running races, interactive games to engage their imagination, music games, climbing challenges, gym exercises and 14 different sports. For primary school age we incorporate real sports games, team games like dodgeball and activities that encourage the development of strategy and teamwork.

SportsClub has been professionally developed to build a lasting love of exercise, through a wide variety of age-appropriate sports, games and activities that are suitable for both girls and boys of all athletic abilities.

Participants learn and improve important sports and social skills and we also encourage participants to show good sportsmanship and reinforce the value of teamwork.

We can tailor a program that’s right for every early childhood centre and primary school.

Every SportsClub program includes:

  • Our team of qualified coaches will attend to engage the kids and deliver a structured sports program using modern sports techniques
  • Each session we start with a running game, then we practice a sport and finish with a fun activity or skill like parachute or overarm throwing – at the coach!
  • Different sports are played throughout each session – we offer a large variety of fun and challenging sports activities and games, suitable for boys and girls, targeting ages 4-6
  • Our sessions are educational – we incorporate numbers, letters, shapes, colours and the alphabet!
  • We teach kids to respect others, the coach, the referee and the rules
  • We bring age-appropriate sports equipment so kids can learn a variety of skills and movement
  • Kids practice important social skills, build confidence, build resilience and learn good teamwork and good sportsmanship which helps them as they get ready for big school
  • We provide promotional materials so you can send information to parents

I just wanted to thank you for coaching Hunter this year. The Kinder Sports program is excellent and you are such a fantastic and positive role model for the kids. I know Hunter will miss you and LL next year when he starts big school.

We will see you for the multi-sport camp in December and hopefully again in January.

Natasha Castlecrag

My son started doing Kinder Sports when he was 2 1/2.  I had always taken my older daughters to dance classes when they were preschoolers so I wanted to do something special with him that I thought he would be interested in.  Another Preschool mum highly recommended Little Legends because she said that the fellow who ran it was a young enthusiastic first grade Gordon rugby player and her son really responded well to him.  My son has done 2 1/2 years in the program (including attending multi sports and rugby camps) and I can honestly say Terry has been one of the most positive influences on my son’s life. Terry has boundless patience and has taught my son how to play rugby, tennis, basketball, soccer etc etc but more importantly he has taught him the importance of sharing and good sportsmanship through play. I have no doubt that my son will be well equipped to handle playground life when he starts primary school given all the skills he has learnt through Little Legends. I can highly recommend Little Legends as a multi sports skills program not only because it offers very personalised attention to each individual child but because it is predominantly fun.

Caroline Willoughby