1.    As the caretaker of this child, I give said child consent to participate in the Little Legends program and agree to the delegation of Authority to the staff and/or the instructors involved.
2.    I have completed the medical information and included details of any limitations that said child has for the activities to be undertaken. This information is confidential and will only be available to Little Legends staff only.
3.    If there is any further medical information that may present itself as a risk to your child’s safety please email:

4. Medical Form
4.1 I have completed the medical information and included details of any
limitation that this child has for the activities to be undertaken
4.2 If there is any further medical information that may present itself as a risk to
your child’s safety and you would like to inform Little Legends about it after
registration, please email


5.    Program registration
5.1. Class payment is made upfront for the duration of the term.
5.2. Mid-term enrollments are available and will only pay for the remaining sessions for that term.
5.3. A makeup class is available if your child is unable to attend a class. Subject to availability, must be arranged during the same term. No credit is available or carried over to a future term. Please arrange this make up classes via email:
5.4. Send a friend option. You may organise a friend to attend the class in your place. This needs to be arranged prior to the day so “safety information” can be obtained. Please arrange this make up classes via email:
5.5. Little Legends holds the right to refuse participation if registration has not been received.
6.    Trial class
6.1. Full paying participants will be given the choice of their preferred class. If class numbers are filling up we will do our best to notify you. If a class becomes full another class will need to be arranged for your FREE trial.
6.2. One FREE trial class will be given. The Free trial class is for caretakers to view the programs in person, please keep in mind that sometimes it may take a few sessions for the child to feel comfortable and open up to the class.
7.    Caretaker responsibilities
7.1. Caretakers are required to be present but NOT required to join in the class. If your child is not confident with a particular skill we encourage parents to assist. For any children who require additional attention parents are required to assist with their child throughout the duration of each class. We may ask parents to assist from time to time. You are also welcome to join in and assist if you want, but please follow and encourage the coach’s directions.
7.2. Caretakers are the main guardians of the child and are responsible for toilet supervision, staying inside the playing area, participating in the class, watching their child for potential risks and general well being.
7.3. Safety is a big focus during our programs, in the event your child needs first aid treatment during Kinder Sports it remains the caretaker’s responsibility.
7.4. Siblings may be active on the green during the session as long as they stay away from the group and do not interrupt. You may use equipment as long as we are not using it and it is placed back to its original set up position.
8.    Drink breaks
8.1. Please ensure your child is not given any food during the program. Coaches will arrange drink breaks throughout each class.


9.    Sign in and Sign out
9.1. Please ensure you sign in and out all children under your care at your earliest convenience.
9.2. You understand that you are responsible for the supervision before and after the sign in and sign out process.
10.    Program Times and Extended Hours
10.1. Program commences at 9am and concludes at 3pm.
10.2. Extended Hours will be charged ($20 per person per day) if a child is dropped off or picked up outside the hours of 8:45am and 3:15pm.
10.3. Extended Hours drop off and pick up times are between the hours of 8am and 6pm. Please select this option during registration to ensure your place is secured.
10.4. If you would like the Extended Hours option after registration but before the day, contact Little Legends directly on If you would like the option on the day ask the Head Coach if it is available. Little Legends reserves the right to decline the request.
10.5. An additional fee will be charged as follows for drop off or pick up times outside the times of 8am and 6pm: $10 for every 15 minutes. The fee will be charged on the first minute of each 15min block.
11.   Program Registration, Cancellation and Refund
11.1. Full payment is required upfront to secure registration booking.
11.2. Once a booking is received, no refund will be given.
11.3. If notice is given more than 7 days from program commencement we will hold the payment as credit through the next holiday period e.g. notice received for term 1 holidays, we will hold as credit until the end of the term 2 holidays. A transfer fee of $10 per request may apply.
11.4. If notice is given less than 7 days but more than 48 hours prior to the day/s, a transfer to another day/s in the same holiday period (standard school holiday dates) will be allowed upon request.
11.5. If notice is given inside of 48 hours prior to program commencement, no refund or transfer of the day will be given.


12.    Payment
12.1. Once the party is confirmed the $200 deposit is due and non-refundable
Attendance numbers need to be confirmed three (3) days prior to the event date. The minimum price will then be locked in regardless of attendance numbers.
12.2. Failure to confirm attendance numbers within this timeframe will result in Little Legends using the number given in the Party Enquiry form.
12.3. If the attendance number on the day is greater than the Party Enquiry form or the originally confirmed number, there will be an additional charge of $10 for every child over said number.
12.4. A change in location (outside a 5km radius) after confirmation may incur a fee of $50.
12.5. Please contact Little Legends on for any detail changes.
13.    Cancellation / postponement
13.1. If cancellation occurs less than 14 days but more than 7 days prior to the party, 50% of the Projected Total Cost will be charged.
13.2. If cancellation occurs less than 7 days prior to the party, 100% of the Projected Total Cost will be charged.
13.3. Postponement of the party at any stage after confirmation will incur an administration fee of $100 on top of the Projected Total Cost.
14.    Inclement weather
14.1. We run the program irrespective of weather conditions. Alternatively, you may arrange a suitable indoor venue if bad weather is forecast.
14.2. If there is lightning/thunder in the area and no indoors venue is available, we will use the 30/30 rule. If the program must finish straight away due to hazardous conditions, the full price of the party will be charged.


15.    Cancellation / postponement policy / inclement weather
15.1. The session will go ahead despite the weather, unless deemed unsafe. A change of venue to a suitable indoor or undercover is preferred.
15.2. All sessions can be rescheduled if more than 24 hours notice is given. A session has to be rescheduled within one (1) month. Within 24 hours, sessions will go ahead as planned and no refund will be given.
15.3. If a session is cancelled due to inclement weather within 24 hours, and another location is not found the session may be rescheduled to another date within one (1) month.
15.4. Payment is required upon confirmation of a booking. No refund will be given.